Autopia 2015: Chance to win-win !


Autopia is a project initiated by IES EMEA to promote innovative technologies that address the environmental challenges to local authorities and businesses. Meetings between innovative companies and their potential customers are both virtually via an Internet platform, but also physically at forums organized several times a year in different countries.

Our philosophy

The idea behind the project Autopia comes from the old utopian philosophy. Utopia is a community which is working to create an ideal society, in an environmental context, it’s a community that works in harmony with nature. The project Autopia is a modern effort to meet the needs of global society while respecting the limits of the planet, and increasing accessibility to innovative technologies in the field of environment.

Areas of expertise

Renewable energy
Water management
Pollution remediation

“Autopia is a possible solution for man in the city and with the man; Autopia is a seamless integrated approach to build our future together.” “Autopia will aim to be a stirrer of ideas among stakeholders for sustainable cities, consumers in France and internationally, and a place of encounter and dialogue to move forward together towards a sustainable future.”

Dr Chaden DIYAB

Our services

Autopia’s mission goes beyond simply /en/news/ing: Autopia selects the upstream companies and presented the projects proposed by the user, by implementing a rating system. Their innovations must be relevant, their implementation and mastered projects proposed by users (industry operators, communities of decision makers, operators of construction projects, ...) should be realistic and studied.
Autopia mainly consists of two modules:

  • 1. The online platform: users can look through companies and their innovations with a monitoring tool and select key partners.
  • 2. Events: innovative companies have the opportunity to demonstrate their products to potential customers during forums like the one held soon.
(See the page “News”).


Candidates (Technology holders and users) must fill in a grid of analysis that allow the expert team of Autopia, and the Strategic and Scientific Committee to evaluate the viability of the project (the project applicant, its technology, ...) and to decide if they will accept it on the platform.

Online Platform

Following the labelling, you can place your offer in the showcase of the Autopia website, and, for example, a video demonstration of your technology.


The best labeled products are invited to participate in exhibitions organized by Autopia in France and overseas (see: page “News”: “Autopia Road Show”).

Technology Holder

You hold a proven technology in the field of the environment (energy, water, management of pollution and waste) which has the virtues of competitiveness and contributes to the well-being of humans. You want your product to be known and accessible to consumers from “operators of the city”: Post your technology in the “Technology Holders” section.

Technology Users

You are one of a common construction operator, a local authority, an investor, a consulting firm, in search of sustainable technologies in the field of environmental application of a common: Submit your project in the “Users” section.


You are eager to know the news technologies of Green City, and track our physical and virtual events: Log on to the “News”.


Autopia was accredited and awarded by prestigious international bodies:

  • 2014: Third prize of Sino-French Entrepreneurship and Innovation Contest organized by the Education Department of the Chinese Embassy in France
  • 2014: Award of Excellence in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition of Chunhui Cup, organized by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science of China.

Label Paris 2015 COP21

Label COP21

Autopia has received the COP21 label and will be present in Paris as part of the COP21 conference, the 21st Session of the Conference of Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21 / CMP11), an international conference to develop a global agreement to reduce global warming and climate change, which will take place in Paris from 30 November to 11 December 2015.

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Label Side Event


Autopia has also obtained a label of the Conference “Our Common Future Under Climate Change” organized by UNESCO in 2015. This conference, preparing the COP21, is an opportunity for the scientific community to discuss possible solutions for mitigation climate change. The labeling process for the quality of our project is accredited by the high committee of “Our Common Future Under Climate Change Paris 2015”: INRA, CNRS, IDDRI, UNESCO, IRD, and the Secretary General of the High Committee of COP21.

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